Salient Technical Features

“Salient Technical Features of the equipment/ systems/ services covered in IFB No. NTPC-2015-TN000007 are mentioned below. These Salient Technical Features are mentioned only to facilitate the prospective bidders to prima-facie understand the requirements under the tender and shall not in any way limit or alter the scope of work and technical features/specification of equipment/ systems/ services covered in the Bidding Documents. Detailed provisions in regard of scope of work and technical features/specification of equipment/ systems/ services, contained in the Bidding Document shall be final and binding.”

Name of the Project

Development of 750 MW (6 Blocks of 125 MW


Each) Solar Photo Voltaic Project(s) at Anantpur

Project capacity

750 MWp (Peak DC Power) (To be awarded to multiple


bidders in single/multiple blocks of 125 MW each)



Complete 750 MW (AC) capacity Solar Photovoltaic Power Plant.

Minimum size of offered SPV module: 240kWp (Crystalline)

SPV modules of minimum capacity 15% must be IEC certified from accredited certifying agencies as detailed in technical specification.

SPV modules may be sourced from single/multiple manufacturers.

Module mounting arrangement with seasonal tilting and/or automatic east-west tracking as per specification.

Indoor inverter with minimum cumulative capacity of 125 MW and individual capacity more than 500 kW with Maximum Power Point Tracking technology and associated switchgears.

SCADA system for control and monitoring

Electrical works and associated switchgear equipments as per technical specification.

Special instructions to Bidders for e-Tendering


The Special Instructions (for e-Tendering) supplement ‘Instruction to Bidders’, as given in these Tender Documents. Submission of Online Bids is mandatory for this Tender.

E-Tendering is a new methodology for conducting Public Procurement in a transparent and secured manner. Now, the Government of India has made e-tendering mandatory. Suppliers/ Vendors will be the biggest beneficiaries of this new system of procurement. For conducting electronic tendering, NTPC Limited has decided to use the portal https://www.tcil-india- of M/s TCIL, a Government of India Undertaking. This portal is based on the world’s most ‘secure’ and ‘user friendly’ software from ElectronicTender®. A portal built using ElectronicTender’s software is also referred to as ElectronicTender System® (ETS).

Benefits to Suppliers are outlined on the Home-page of the portal.


Tender Bidding Methodology:

Sealed Bid System

-Prequalification followed by Single Stage Two Envelope


The sealed bid system would be followed by an ‘e-ReverseAuction’

Broad Outline of Activities from Bidder’s Perspective:

Digital Certificates

For integrity of data and authenticity/ non-repudiation of electronic records, and to be compliant with IT Act 2000, it is necessary for each user to have a Digital Certificate (DC). also referred to as Digital Signature Certificate (DSC), of Class 2 or above, issued by a Certifying Authority (CA) licensed by Controller of Certifying Authorities (CCA) [refer].

1.Procure a Digital Signing Certificate (DSC) of India from any DSC issuing authority viz (n) Code solutions, e mudra and safe script etc. There are others also. The Digital signature shall be of “class 3 b with sign and encryption and with Company’s Name” for one or two years of validity

2.Pl. read instructions carefully at home page of TCIL website viz. ETS user Guidance center for Buyers and suppliers https://www.tcil-india-


To use the ElectronicTender® portal, vendors need to register on the portal. Registration of each organization is to be done by one of its senior persons who will be the main person coordinating for the e-tendering activities. In ETS terminology, this person will be referred to as the Super User (SU) of that organization. For further details, please visit the website/portal, and click on the ‘Supplier Organization’ link under ‘Registration’ (on the Home Page), and follow further instructions as given on the site. Pay Annual Registration Fee as applicable.

Any Instructions for Online/ Offline Payment of Registration Fee :- Kindly contact TCIL.

After successful submission of Registration details and Annual Registration Fee, please contact TCIL/ ETS Helpdesk (as given below), to get your registration accepted/activated

Important Note: To minimize teething problems during the use of ETS (including the Registration process), it is recommended that the user should peruse the instructions given under ‘ETS User- Guidance Center’ located on ETS Home Page, including instructions for timely registration on ETS. The instructions relating to ‘Essential Computer Security Settings for Use of ETS’ and ‘Important Functionality Checks’ should be especially taken into cognizance.

Please note that even after acceptance of your registration by the Service Provider, to respond to a tender you will also require time to complete activities related to your organization, such as creation of users, assigning roles to them, etc.

TCIL/ ETS Helpdesk







Telephone/ Mobile

Customer Support: +91-11-26202699(Multiple Telephone














9868393717, 9868393792



E-mail ID










NTPC Limitefd







NTPC Limited

A.K.Mishra / R.K.Gupta




Contact Person

01202410738 /














Telephone/ Mobile

Telephone/ Mobile : 09650998477/9650992196


[between 9:30 hrs to 18:00 hrs on working days]

E-mail ID /








3.Register on ElectronicTendering System® (ETS) at https://www.tcil-india- While doing registration, valid e mail Id must be filled as all automatic e mails generated on posting of various amendments/ clarifications go to this registered e mail. After filling form, pay the one time registration fee + Service tax

4.Search a tender using various types of ETS search like Tender Search code (TSC) – based search, RASC-based search etc. For details visit https://www.tcil-india-

5.View Notice Inviting Tender (NIT)

6.For this tender Assign a tender to a Marketing Authority (MA) i.e. click the button “Assign TSC to MA”. Users and assign roles on ETS. After that assigned tender can be quoted.

7.Submit Demand Draft (in favor of NTPC Ltd., payable at NOIDA/New Delhi) of Requisite Amount towards cost of tender documents to NTPC Limited, A 8A, Room No. 220, R&D Building, 2nd Floor, Sector 24, Noida, U.P. After receipt of DD, you will be allowed by NTPC by activating necessary link to download the official copy of tender documents. Downloading can be done on next day of submission of DD. Press the download button to download the official copy of tender document and select location for saving the document as shown below.

8.Pl note that DD towards “cost of tender documents” is to be submitted with following to be INVARIABLY mentioned on back of DD.

i)Organization Id --- This will be generated at website of TCIL, while doing registration for your company.

ii)Your Company Name

iii)The executive Name, Mobile no. and e mail Id – who can be contacted, if required

iv)NIT/IFB No.

9.Download Official Copy of Tender Documents from ETS. Please do not download free copy of documents at all. As otherwise you will not be able to participate in tender process. Open and view the downloaded file. If the downloading of file was successful, click on “Confirm” button.

Only after “Confirm” button is clicked, the procurement of tender documents (Official copy) would be confirmed along with official copy Serial Number.

Official copy Serial Number gets generated

10.Clarification to Tender Documents on ETS

Send Query to e mails i) and ii) in soft copies so that the same queries can be used for replies. (Optional)

View response to queries posted by NTPC Limited on TCIL website on TCIL website

11.Bid-Submission on ETS

Some Bidding related Information for this Tender (Sealed Bid)

The entire bid-submission would be online on ETS (unless specified for Offline Submissions). Broad outline of submissions are as follows:

¾Submission of Bid-Parts/ Envelopes

Stage I : Offline Submissions:

ƒPl. submit Following documents manually/ Physically to any of the following two persons.

i) Sh R.K.Gupta AGM(RE-CS) 9650992196

ii) A.K.Mishra DGM(RE-CS) 9650998477

¾ Documents to be submitted physically are :- i) Submission of Bid Security/ Earnest Money Deposit (EMD) for Rs. In the form og BG as per attached format

¾ii) Integrity Pact Duly signed and stamped by the bidder.

¾iii) Duly Filled Form of “Fraud Prevention Policy” and stamped.

¾iv) Original copy of the letter of authorization shall be indicated by written power-of-attorney.

ƒStage II :- On Line Submission Composite (Both Technical and Financial in a common envelope)

¾Submission of digitally signed copy of Tender Documents/ Addendum

¾Submission of General Terms and Conditions (with/ without deviations)

¾Submission of Special Terms and Conditions (with/ without deviations)

¾Submission of price bid

a)Visit Tender Overview page and proceed for bid Submission

b)Digitally Sign and submit Tender Documents and Addenda, if applicable.

c)Fill in EMD details, wherever EMD is applicable.

d)Create, Encrypt, Preview, Digitally Sign and Submit Electronic Form of Technical Bi-Part, if applicable.

e)First Upload Bid Annexure (as required) of Technical Bid Part before uploading of the corresponding Main Bid / Base-Bid. The annexures can be uploaded in multiple files with each file not beyond 10MB size. It may be noted that Main Bid shall be of optimum possible size (of course, not more than 10MB ) as the same is downloaded at NTPC during tender opening and again uploaded. So heavy Main bid file uploading will take unnecessary time. Main Bid file can be say Bid Form

only. It may also be noted that while uploading the necessary files on TCIL portal, Pass Phrase is required to be created. Kindly make sure to note down the pass phrase for future requirement.

f)After uploading Bid Annexures of Technical Bid Part, upload Main Bid / Base-Bid. The main Bid needs to be one file of maximum 10MB size.

g)The Bid Annexure is to be uploaded before uploading Main Bid. After uploading the Main Bid, the uploading link of bid Annexure will be deactivated. After that if you want to upload the bid annexure, then bid has to be modified or to be substituted.

h)After uploading both the Bid-Annexures and Base-Bid of Technical Part, Bidders need to repeat the process for Financial-Part. After completion of these activities the color of Base Bid for both Technical-Part and Financial-Part will turn green.

i)Before uploading of the corresponding Main Bid. The annexures can be uploaded in multiple files with each file not beyond 10MB size. The main Bid needs to be one file of maximum 10MB size but preferably less than this as explained above.

Colour turns green for both

j)After the process gets complete, the “Status pertaining overall Bid-Submission” will show the status as “Complete” as shown below.

k)Click on “View Final Submission Receipt” to get the receipt and take a printout for future reference.

Special Note on Security and Transparency of Bids

Security related functionality has been rigorously implemented in ETS in a multi-dimensional manner. Starting with 'Acceptance of Registration by the Service Provider', provision for security has been made at various stages in ElectronicTender's software. Specifically for Bid Submission, some security related aspects are outlined below:

As part of the ElectronicEncrypter™ functionality, the contents of both the ‘ElectronicForms’ and the ‘Main-Bid’ are securely encrypted using a Pass-Phrase created by the Bidder himself. Unlike a ‘password’, a Pass-Phrase can be a multi-word sentence with spaces between words (eg I love this World). A Pass-Phrase is easier to remember, and more difficult to break. It is mandatory that a separate Pass-Phrase be created for each Bid-Part i.e. one for technical bid and other for financial bid. This pass phrase will be required while submittinh Main Bid / Technical Bid and also Financial bid. This method of bid-encryption does not have the security and data-integrity related vulnerabilities which are inherent in e-tendering systems which use Public-Key of the specified officer of a Buyer organization for bid-encryption. Bid-encryption in ETS is such that the Bids cannot be decrypted before the Public Online Tender Opening Event (TOE), even if there is connivance between the concerned tender-opening officers of the Buyer organization and the personnel of e-tendering service provider.

CAUTION: All bidders must fill ElectronicForms™ for each bid-part sincerely and carefully, and avoid any discrepancy between information given in the ElectronicForms™ and the corresponding Main-Bid. For transparency, the information submitted by a bidder in the ElectronicForms™ is made available to other bidders during the Online Public TOE. If it is found during the Online Public TOE that a bidder has not filled in the complete information in the ElectronicForms™, the TOE officer may make available for downloading the corresponding Main-Bid of that bidder at the risk of the bidder. If variation is noted between the information contained in the ElectronicForms™ and the ‘Main-Bid’, the contents of the ElectronicForms™ shall prevail. Alternatively, the NTPC Limited reserves the right to consider the higher of the two pieces of information (eg the higher price) for the purpose of short-listing, and the lower of the two pieces of information (eg the lower price) for the purpose of payment in case that bidder is an awardee in that tender.

Typically, ‘Pass-Phrase’ of the Bid-Part to be opened during a particular Public Online Tender Opening Event (TOE) is furnished online by each bidder during the TOE itself, when demanded by the concerned Tender Opening Officer. In This case, both pass phrase has to be submitted after Bid submission date is completed to EKB, which will be retrieved by NTPC at the time of bid opening. Please note that there should not be any difference in pass phrase submitted at the time of bid uploading and at the time of pass phrase submission to EKT Box. As otherwise , bidder’s bids will not be able to be opened. NTPC Ltd reserves the right to ask both pass phrase in writing/in envelope/ emails etc from bidder in case or otherwise also , it is not submitted /wrongly submitted / otherwise any other problem to open the bids.

Additionally, the bidder shall make sure that the Pass-Phrase to decrypt the relevant Bid-Part is submitted into the ‘Time Locked Electronic Key Box (EKB)’ after the corresponding deadline of Bid Submission, and before the commencement of the Online TOE. The process of submission of this Pass-Phrase in the ‘Time Locked Electronic Key Box’ is done in a secure manner by first encrypting this Pass-Phrase with the designated keys provided by the NTPC Limited

There is an additional protection with SSL Encryption during transit from the client-end computer of a Supplier organization to the e-tendering server/ portal.

Public Online Tender Opening Event (TOE)

ETS offers a unique facility for ‘Public Online Tender Opening Event (TOE)’. Tender Opening Officers, as well as, authorized representatives of bidders can simultaneously attend the Public Online Tender Opening Event (TOE) from the comfort of their offices. Alternatively, one/ two duly authorized representative(s) of bidders (i.e. Supplier organization) are requested to carry a Laptop with Wireless Internet Connectivity, if they wish to come to NTPC Limited office for the Public Online TOE.

Every legal requirement for a transparent and secure ‘Public Online Tender Opening Event (TOE)’, including digital counter-signing of each opened bid by the authorized TOE- officer(s) in the simultaneous online presence of the participating bidders’ representatives, has been implemented on ETS.

As soon as a Bid is decrypted with the corresponding ‘Pass-Phrase’ as submitted online by the bidder himself (during the TOE itself), salient points of the Bids (as identified by the Buyer organization) are simultaneously made available for downloading by all participating bidders. The tedium of taking notes during a manual ‘Tender Opening Event’ is therefore

replaced with this superior and convenient form of ‘Public Online Tender Opening Event (TOE)’.

ETS has a unique facility of ‘Online Comparison Chart’ which is dynamically updated as each online bid is opened. The format of the chart is based on inputs provided by the Buyer for each Bid-Part of a tender. The information in the Comparison Chart is based on the data submitted by the Bidders. A detailed Technical and/ or Financial Comparison Chart enhances Transparency. Detailed instructions are given on relevant screens.

ETS has a unique facility of a detailed report titled ‘Minutes of Online Tender Opening Event (TOE)’ covering all important activities of ‘Online Tender Opening Event (TOE)’. This is available to all participating bidders for ‘Viewing/ Downloading’.

There are many more facilities and features on ETS. For a particular tender, the screens viewed by a Supplier will depend upon the options selected by the concerned Buyer.

Some Bidding related Information for this Tender (e-Reverse Auction)

e-Reverse Auction would be conducted after the opening of the Prequalification/ Financial-Part.

Any special instructions to be inserted by the NTPC Limited for that particular Auction: Eg. Only ‘n- 1’ lowest bidders from the Financial-Bid opening round will be invited for e-Reverse Auction …; Reserve Price for the auction will be the lowest price obtained in the financial-bid round, … etc.

The following would be parameters for e-Reverse Auction:





Date and Time of Reverse-Auction Bidding Event

Will be intimated to the



responsive bidders later.


Duration of Reverse-Auction Bidding Event

2 Hours


Automatic extension of the ‘Reverse-Auction Closing



Time’, if last bid received is within a ‘Pre-defined Time-



Duration’ before the ‘Reverse-Auction Closing Time’



Pre-defined Time-Duration

08 Minutes





Automatic extension Time-Duration

08 Minutes





Maximum number of Auto-Extension

n Automatic Extension





Criteria of Bid-Acceptance

Criteria of Bid-Acceptance





Entity – Start-Price

techno commercial evaluated



L1 of the total no. of price bids





Minimum Bid-Decrement

To be informed later

12.Attend Public Online Tender Opening Event (TOE) on ETS

Opening of relevant Bid-Part

Wherever provided for the same by NTPC Ltd.

13.Post-TOE Clarification on ETS (Optional)

Respond to NTPC Limited Post-TOE queries

Other Instructions

For further instructions, the vendor should visit the home-page of the portal https://www.tcil-india-, and go to the User-Guidance Center

The help information provided through ‘ETS User-Guidance Center’ is available in three categories

– Users intending to Register / First-Time Users, Logged-in users of Buyer organizations, and Logged-in users of Supplier organizations. Various links (including links for User Manuals) are provided under each of the three categories.

Important Note: It is strongly recommended that all authorized users of Supplier organizations should thoroughly peruse the information provided under the relevant links, and take appropriate action. This will prevent hiccups, and minimize teething problems during the use of ETS.


Specifically for Supplier organizations, the following 'SIX KEY INSTRUCTIONS for BIDDERS' must be assiduously adhered to:

1.Obtain individual Digital Signing Certificate (DSC or DC) well in advance of your first tender submission deadline on ETS

2.Register your organization on ETS well in advance of the important deadlines for your first tender on ETS viz ‘Date and Time of Closure of Procurement of Tender Documents’ and ‘Last Date and Time of Receipt of Bids’. Please note that even after acceptance of your registration by the Service Provider, to respond to a tender you will also require time to complete activities related to your organization, such as creation of users, assigning roles to them, etc.

3.Get your organization's concerned executives trained on ETS well in advance of your first tender submission deadline on ETS

4.Submit your bids well in advance of tender submission deadline on ETS (There could be last minute problems due to internet timeout, breakdown, et al)

5.It is the responsibility of each bidder to remember and securely store the Pass-Phrase for each Bid-Part submitted by that bidder. In the event of a bidder forgetting the Pass-Phrase before the expiry of deadline for Bid-Submission, facility is provided to the bidder to ‘Annul Previous Submission’ from the Bid-Submission Overview page and start afresh with new Pass-Phrase(s)

6.ETS will make your bid available for opening during the Online Public Tender Opening Event (TOE) ‘ONLY IF’ your ‘Status pertaining Overall Bid-Submission’ is ‘Complete’. For your record,

you can generate and save a copy of ‘Final Submission Receipt’. This receipt can be generated from 'Bid-Submission Overview Page' only if the ‘Status pertaining overall Bid-Submission’ is ‘Complete’.


While the first three instructions mentioned above are especially relevant to first-time users of ETS, the fourth, fifth and sixth instructions are relevant at all times.

Minimum Requirements at Bidder’s End

Computer System with good configuration (Min PIV, 1 GB RAM, Windows 7 or above)

Broadband connectivity

Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0 or above

Digital Certificate(s)

Vendors Training Program All venders can take training at TCIL office on payment basis.

One day training (10:00 to 17:00) would be provided by TCIL. Training is optional. Vendors are requested to carry a Laptop and Wireless Connectivity to Internet.

Scheduled Date

Dates to be provided by TCIL through Help Desk


Telecommunication Consultants India Limited


office , TCIL Bhawan, Greater Kailash I , New


Delhi ----- 110048

Vendors Training Charges

As per TCIL Charges.

(Per Participant)

(plus Service Tax @ 14 %)