NTPC Limited  
A Government of India Enterprise)  
Construction of hospital building for the extension of capacity to 50 beds at NTPC  
Domestic Competitive Bidding)  
NIT No: NTPC/SSC - NR(Auraiya)/9900192986  
Date: 18.03.2020  
NTPC invites on-line bids on Single Stage Two Envelope Bidding basis (Envelope-I:  
Techno-commercial Bid & Envelope-II: Price Bid) from Eligible Bidders for  
Construction of hospital building for the extension of capacity to 50 beds at NTPC  
Unchahar” as per Scope of Work mentioned hereinafter.  
Brief Scope of Work  
Construction of hospital building for the extension of capacity to 50 beds at NTPC  
The detailed scope and description of work covered under this package has been  
specified in relevant clause of Detailed Technical Specification.  
Detailed Specification, Scope of Work and Terms and Conditions are given in the  
bidding document, which are available on-line (www.eprocurentpc.nic.in) as per the  
following schedule:  
Document Download Commencement  
Date & Time  
Source of IFB/NIT  
Shared Services Centre - Auraiya  
Last Date and Time for Bid submission  
Technical Bid Opening Date & Time  
07.04..2020 upto 15:00 HRS (IST)  
10.04.2020 at 15:00 HRS (IST)  
Price Bid Opening Date & Time  
Estimated Cost in INR  
Shall be intimated separately.  
286.59 Lakh (Excld. GST)  
Cost of Bidding Documents in INR  
EMD/Bid Security in INR  
Benefit to MSME  
Not Applicable  
12 (Twelve) Months  
Not Applicable  
Not Applicable  
Contract Period  
Pre-Bid Conference Date & Time (if any)  
Reverse Auction  
As per provisions of Bidding Documents, the Bidders shall submit “Techno-  
Commercial Proposal” and “Price Proposal” online  
https://eprocurentpc.nic.in/nicgep/app), within the bid submission date and time  
as mentioned above. Only Techno-Commercial proposals will be opened on the date  
and timed mentioned above.  
Note: For any corrigendum and extension of date of bid submission, please visit the  
website https://eprocurentpc.nic.in  
All bids must be accompanied by Tender Fees (Cost of Bidding Documents) and Bid  
Security (EMD). Bid Security and Tender Fees shall be submitted in a sealed  
envelope separately offline by the stipulated bid submission closing date and time at  
the address given below. Any bid without an acceptable Tender Fees (Cost of  
Bidding Documents) and Bid Security shall be treated as non-responsive and shall  
not be opened.  
Qualifying Requirements for Bidders:  
.0 Technical Criteria  
.1The Bidder should have executed the work(s) of “Building Work With RCC  
Frame Structure” in the preceding seven (07) years prior to the date of techno-  
commercial bid opening meeting the following criteria:  
i. One similar executed work of value not less than Rs. 229.27 Lakh  
ii. Two similar executed work of value not less than Rs. 143.30 Lakh each.  
iii. Three similar executed work of value not less than Rs. 114.64 Lakh each.  
Notes for Clause 1.0 above:  
The word “executed” means the Bidder should have achieved the criteria specified  
in the qualifying requirements even if the contract has been started earlier and/or is  
not completed/ closed.  
Reference work executed by a bidder as a sub-contractor may also be considered  
provided the certificate issued by main contractor is duly certified by Project  
Authority specifying the scope of work executed by the sub-contractor in support of  
Qualifying Requirements.  
.0 Financial Criteria :  
The average annual turnover of the Bidder, in the preceding three (3) financial years as  
on the date of Techno-Commercial bid opening, should not be less than Rs. 286.59  
Lakh (Rupees Two Hundred Eighty Six Lakh Fifty Nine Thousand Only).  
.1 In case a bidder does not satisfy the financial criteria, stipulated above on its own, its  
Holding Company would be required to meet the stipulated turnover requirements above,  
provided that the net worth of such Holding Company as on the last day of the preceding  
financial year is at least equal to or more than the paid-up share capital of the Holding  
Company. In such an event, the bidder would be required to furnish along with its Techno-  
Commercial bid, a Letter of Undertaking from the Holding Company, supported by the  
Holding Company’s Board Resolution as per the format enclosed in the bid documents,  
pledging unconditional and irrevocable financial support for the execution of the Contract by  
the Bidder in case of award.  
2.2 In case the bidder is not able to furnish its audited financial statements on standalone  
entity basis, the unaudited unconsolidated financial statements of the bidder can be  
considered acceptable provided the bidder further furnishes the following documents for  
substantiation of its qualification :  
a) Copies of the unaudited unconsolidated financial statements of the bidder along with  
copies of the audited consolidated financial statements of its Holding Company.  
b) A Certificate from the CEO/CFO of the Holding Company, as per the format enclosed in  
the bidding documents, stating that the unaudited unconsolidated financial statements form  
part of the consolidated annual financial statements of the Holding Company.  
In case where audited results for the last financial year as on the date of techno commercial  
bid opening are not available, the financial results certified by a practicing Chartered  
Accountant shall be considered acceptable. In case, Bidder is not able to submit the  
certificate from practicing Chartered Accountant certifying its financial parameters, the  
audited results for the three consecutive financial years preceding the last financial year shall  
be considered for evaluating the financial parameters. Further, a Certificate would be required  
from the CEO/CFO as per the format enclosed in the bidding documents stating that the  
Financial results of the Company are under audit as on the date of Techno-commercial bid  
opening and the Certificate from the practicing Chartered Accountant certifying the financial  
parameters is not available.  
Other income shall not be considered for arriving at annual turnover.  
(ii) "Holding Company" and "Subsidiary" shall have the meaning ascribed to them as per  
Companies Act of India.  
(iii) For Turnover indicated in foreign currency, the exchange rate as on seven (07) days  
prior to the date of techno-commercial bid opening shall be used.  
Notwithstanding anything stated above, the Employer reserves the right to assess  
the capabilities and capacity of the Bidder/ his collaborators / associates/ subsidiaries  
/ group companies to perform the contract, should the circumstances warrant such  
assessment in the overall interest of the Employer.  
NTPC reserves the right to reject any or all bids or cancel/withdraw the NIT for the  
subject package without assigning any reason whatsoever and in such case no  
bidder/intending bidder shall have any claim arising out of suchaction.  
VIII. The bidding document is available online. A complete set of Bidding Documents may  
be downloaded by any interested Bidder from the NTPC tender website  
https://eprocurentpc.nic.in. The Bidder would be required to register on the website.  
First time users are required to register themselves on NTPC tender website  
https://eprocurentpc.nic.in) after filling up the required details. Users whose email  
address has not been linked to a vendor code allotted by NTPC/ first time users not  
allotted any vendor code by NTPC should send a copy of the registration details to  
the e-mail address specified in this NIT under Address for Communication with  
following details at least three working days prior to Technical Opening Date:  
a) Request on the letter head of the Company  
b) Address Proof  
c) Copy of GST Registration Certificate & PAN Card,  
d) Email ID and Contact No.  
e) Name and Designation of the contact person  
f) Cancelled cheque & E.F.T form duly verified by bank  
Note: No Hard Copy of bidding documents shall be issued.  
Issuance of bid documents to any bidder shall not construe that such bidder is  
considered to be qualified. Bids shall be submitted online and opened at the address  
given below in the presence of Bidder’s representatives who choose to attend the bid  
Transfer of Bidding Documents purchased by one intending Bidder to another  
is not permissible.  
Address for Communication  
AGM (C&M)/ DGM (C&M),  
Shared Services Centre - Auraiya  
NTPC Ltd.,  
Auraiya Gas power station  
PO : Dibiyapur  
Distt : Auraiya (U.P) 206244  
Mob.: 05683-285624/ 05683-285659  
E-mail: neerajkumar02@ntpc.co.in/ anujaron@ntpc.co.in/ravishkumar@ntpc.co.in  
Registered Office:  
NTPC Limited  
NTPC Bhawan, SCOPE Complex,  
7, Institutional Area, Lodi Road,  
New Delhi – 110003  
Corporate Identification Number: L40101DL1975GOI00796